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Changing One Smile at a Time With Dentist Beldon

We are proud to introduce you to the family of friendly dental practice with a comprehensive range of dental treatment options. We are a unique establishment since you can get your checkup, and the tests are done in one place. As a family practice, we treat every patient, whether old or new, as our own. We believe that it is our clinic’s job to offer you excellent dental care at affordable prices and make sure you are comfortable visiting us.

We do everything we can at your convenience. Hence, you can avail instant health insurance claims using the HICAPS. Whether it is a minor discolouration or wisdom tooth removal, we offer you a full range of dental treatments that you can expect from a world-class dental clinic like ours.

Affordable Dental Care

With Dentist Beldon, we wish to make people aware of the harmful effect neglecting teeth has on them. It is a widespread opinion that it is expensive to visit the dentist once in a while. And nothing can be beside the truth. Visiting the dental clinic at regular intervals ultimately end up saving money. In the long run, people can avoid severe dental symptoms before they reach the advanced stages.

Emergency Dentist Beldon For Dental Emergencies

We have dedicatedly set apart our time for emergency cases. Though we encourage people to get regular checkups, many don’t have to face excruciating conditions. Others might face dental emergencies due to sudden trauma to the teeth, jaw or face.
Patients can visit the emergency dentist any time of the day at the emergency room without a prior appointment. Accidents may happen any time, and knowing what to do can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth. Some of the dental emergency conditions you can come in for immediate care and attention are as follows.
1. Dental Injury
2. Knocked out a permanent tooth
3. Cracked tooth
4. Bit tongue or lip
5. Objects stuck in the mouth


In case you have an emergency, it is essential to visit the Emergency Dentist Beldon without wasting any time thinking about it. We promise that we will try to ease your discomfort and give you our undivided attention. We will provide you with medications to soothe the pain. Contact us now to book an appointment with us, and you will not regret it.

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