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Most people are apprehensive about dentists. They feel that they are intimidating and serious. At our clinic, we are breaking these stereotypes and making them feel at home. We are always happy to serve our old patients, and we are thrilled to see new faces. Therefore, new patients are always welcome. You will love the personal and customized treatment consultation we offer according to your situation.

We are one of the most affordable dental clinics in the country. We also have easy finance options available. Our clinic also accepts all health funds. Hence, you can be at ease at our clinic.

Preventive Dental Care

Modern dentistry has shifted its focus to preventive dentistry. It is the key to having a healthy set of teeth throughout your life. Good oral health impacts your general health too. It isn’t rocket science but works just as well. It is a combination of regularly spaced dental checkups and developing good dental habits such as flossing and brushing your teeth regularly.

The most critical time when a person should learn about these habits and act on them is from childhood. Hence, good oral care should begin from early childhood. To learn more about good oral practices for children, you can book an appointment with your child. We have an excellent children’s dentistry department. Some of the standard preventive dentistry services we recommend are as follows.

  1. Regular oral examination (ideally once every six months or less)
  2. Teeth cleaning
  3. Routine checkups
  4. Routine x-rays

Your dental plan might cover the preventive dental care cost partially or entirely, depending on the type of dental plan you might have.

Your Role in Preventive Dental Care

Most of the preventive dental care is dependent on you. Everybody knows the essential healthy habits that can reduce cavities, gum diseases, and other gingivitis problems. It is prudent to brush your teeth at least twice each day using a good toothbrush and fluoride-based toothpaste.
You can also floss daily to remove stuck food particles. Besides, mouthwash can also help to rinse out the food particles after flossing.


We are a friendly family dental establishment, and we care about you. We promote healthy dental habits that can ultimately save you from booking an appointment with Emergency Dentist Edgewater. In case an unfortunate accident does occur, we are ready to support you without any prior notice. Book an appointment now to secure a healthy and happy future.

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